July 23, 2004

Dubya's elusive military records.

It appears that they've been found.

According to this post at the Gadflyer, the records show that Dubya didn't log any flight time during the period in 1972 when the prez-to-be was campaigning for a Republican Senate candidate. Which pretty much puts the lie to Dubya's claims that he did indeed complete his service.

Funny how this news shows up at the end of the day on a Friday, isn't it? Almost like the administration was trying to bury the story or something.

Via AP.

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Nope, doesn't prove anything.

He never logged ANY flight time in Alabama, because there weren't any "extra" planes for National Guardsmen from Texas to fly. The whole mountain in a molehill is whether or not he showed up to do his periodic time to spend sitting in an office doing paperwork.

Understanding this whole issue is a lot easier if you realize that Bush was in the Texas National Guard, and the flap is about his service in the Alabama National Guard. Bush was required by law to check in periodically, while he was in Alabama, which he did.

Posted by: Pierce Wetter at July 23, 2004 11:12 PM

I've read about this quite a lot this year, but very few people understand exactly what the Left is arguing about, even those on the Left. The flap is actually about W's losing flight status for refusal to take hsi yearly physical. That is where many people cite his alleged drug use, because in 1972 they began testing for cocaine. After losing his flight status in, I beleive, April 1972 he requested permission to transfer to a unit in Alabama so he could work on a Senate campaign. He was denied. He requested a transfer again in May. Again he was denied. Now here is why people want the records from July-Oct of 72, he was not officially transferred to Alabama yet. But he apparently did not show up in Texas, either. On his third request, after he had left for Alabama, his CO granted his request for the duration of the Senate camapign. The question of whether he actually showed up for duty in Alabama is still open to debate, since the only eyewitness claims to have seen him during a time he says he was in Texas. Also, the dental exam records of Jan 73 indicate he was in Alabama after the Senate camapaign was over in Nov., a time he was supposed to have reported back to his unit in Texas. He apparently made up some of the missing time in May 73, before he requested early dismissal to attend Harvard Business School, which he was already enrolled in.

Posted by: Nate at July 24, 2004 02:57 AM

Fraud, Bush now stands convicted by his own records release.


Bush repeatedly claimed credit and pay for performing “substitute training” for mandatory monthly drills with his unit that was well outside the time limits set for “substitute training.” And although he was required to get advance authorization for all training, the public record shows that Bush could not have received the necessary authorizations for “training” performed in Alabama.

Posted by: Easter Lemming Liberal News at July 26, 2004 03:26 AM

Kerry/Edward vs. Bush & Co. reminds me of Gumby/Pokey vs. the Blockheads. Bush is def a blockhead, so is Condi Rice, Cheney, and RUMSFELD, that guy is def a blockhead.

Remember that the Blockheads were all liars and tricksters, the bad guys always lying, stealing, and doing bad things, just like real life, GULP!

Imagine if Kerry had gone AWOL, the Reps would never stop talking about it, but I ask you a question.


Hmmm, dont hear much about him these days.....

Posted by: CarlosX at July 27, 2004 04:19 AM