July 23, 2004

Rock For Regime Change

[Event announcement] July 23rd Rock for Regime Change - G n' R Cover Night! The Sunset Tavern - 5433 Ballard Avenue NW

Welcome to the Jungle/We've got fun n' games/We've got everything you want/Honey we know the names ... ooops, sorry. NVLB was having a high school flashback to THE definitive metal band of the 80s. NVLB loved, loved Guns n' Roses then, and we know that you're going to love hearing The Lashes, Andrea Maxand, Fey Ray, Pleasurecraft, American School of Warsaw, The Capillaries, Rear Axl and The Nightrain, Steaming Wolf Penis and others covering G n' R hits all night long. Plus, David Schmader reading excerpts from his play, Letter to Axl. Axl maybe a recluse, he may have tried to replace Slash with Buckethead (sacrilege!), and they may never reunite, but NVLB still likes to rock like it's 1989! Bandanas, top hats and big hair encouraged! And in November, we're gonna bring George Bush to his shanananana knees, knees!

More event info at No Vote Left Behind

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