July 21, 2004

Convention Fund Update

Hey there. Fortunately we're not in the same room, so you can't see the embarassed look on my face, but heading over to Boston is going to cost about $1500 additional clams.

(Not including the laptop I finally had to replace my 5 year old laptop with, which said relic retains the travel functionality of a 9 lb. word processor with floppy drive connectivity to the outside. WiFi? Ethernet? USB? Hah! And as I found out on the Sleepless Summer and Perfect Storm trips, it seems floppy drives have become rare in laptops, nobody told me, so it's nearly impossible to find someone else's computer which can take the disks to upload the files. There is no fun in looking for someone whose computer you can ask to borrow for a quick upload, and btw, do you have a floppy drive, which apparently went out of fashion 3 years ago? On the Portland leg of the Sleepless Summer tour, our very own Mary had to meet me at the press filing center and take my floppy disk with updated posts home to send from her desktop. I doubt that Mary will be able to come to the rescue this time. It's a good thing Dell has zero down financing and reasonable monthly payments, that's all I'm saying.)

Several folks have been very generous, and I truly appreciate it. But if perhaps you'd been thinking of making a donation later and hadn't gotten around to it, it is getting towards later. What with the, you know, passage of time and all ;) In fact, you could make a good case for today being later already.

And so I'd like to thank you in advance for clicking the button at the top right corner of the main page, and supporting unconventional convention coverage.

(Also, apologies about what will be light posting this week. It seems that I'm still in class, so I have to take a test early, study, that kind of thing. And maybe pull together some background on the convention and likely attendees I'm going to be covering. It sounded like a good idea.)

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