July 20, 2004

Tucker Asks A Silly Question

Monday on Crossfire, Tucker Carlson asked a silly question of the wrong Democrat, and for once, didn't get a silly answer:

...CARLSON: Hold on. Let me finish my question as to why he is running neck and neck with John Kerry at the moment.

Now, my question is, if your campaign, the Kerry campaign, is being waged on behalf of the working people, the average person, the mill worker now out of work paying higher health care premiums, why nominate a guy who spent the last weekend on Nantucket kite-surfing? Do you even know what kite-surfing is?


CARLSON: What is it? Can you tell me? Because I don't. It's very expensive. I know that.

SULLIVAN: You know what really bothers me, is that you're in New Hampshire to find out what the people of New Hampshire care about.

CARLSON: I'm asking you. You tell me.

SULLIVAN: No, you want -- you're up in New Hampshire, allegedly, because you want to know what issues the people of New Hampshire are interested in. Instead of doing that, though, you're going to sit there and take potshots at John Kerry, who is a genuine American hero.

CARLSON: I'm asking you a question.

SULLIVAN: Let's talk about the economy. You want to talk about the economy, you want to talk about the war in Iraq, let's talk about the fact that reservists from my state have had their tours of duty extended twice now in Iraq. And that is the Bush legacy in New Hampshire. Let's talk about that instead of talking about kite- surfing. ...

Nicely done.

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