July 18, 2004

'No Evidence,' Says CIA

On reports of Iranian complicity with Al Qaeda:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - About eight of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers had transited Iran before attacking the United States, but there is no sign Iran's government took part in the plot, the CIA's acting director said on Sunday.

"We have no evidence that there is some sort of official sanction by the government of Iran for this activity. We have no evidence that there is some sort of official connection between Iran and 9/11," John McLaughlin, acting director of the Central Intelligence Agency, said on 'Fox News Sunday.'

However, he said, it was not surprising that the hijackers were able to transit Iran, given what he said was the country's history of supporting terrorism....

Well, this will be interesting. If there is a connection that has not yet come to light, the U.S. will have massively messed up by squandering it's military force and diplomatic capital on a weak and contained Iraq, effectively preventing ourselves from dealing effectively with a much stronger Iran. If this is just another guilt by proximity argument, the big question will be whether or not congress and the public have learned anything from the disaster in Iraq.

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