July 18, 2004

More Saturday Readings

Dwight Meredith finds the week's best quote and starts a contest that we can call Questions for Bush.

Reporting from Iraq is not an easy task these days. Male reporters grow beards, sport dark tans and local clothing style, carry Canadian presscards, travel in beatup old cars and just try to fit in as much as possible. And if they are doing their job, they make us feel the fetid heat of Baghad this summer.

Natasha does a fantastic job of exposing the fantasy of the right wing war hawk's in their dream of smiting Iran in the post below. For more on the subject, Laura Rozen provides insight into the two strains of thought on how to deal with Iran going on in Washington today.

And doesn't this take you back to the early days of American involvement in Vietnam when Americans proposed Ngo Dihn Diem as the leader of the country? Such nice leaders our government likes to install.

What would Jesus do? Nicholas Kristof finally finds time to point out that the other side of the religious question has a pretty ugly face and maybe we have some work to oppose religious intolerance in our country as well.

But we did imprison thousands of Muslims here and abroad after 9/11, and ordinary Americans joined in the torture of prisoners at Abu Ghraib in part because of a lack of empathy for the prisoners. It's harder to feel empathy for such people if we regard them as infidels and expect Jesus to dissolve their tongues and eyes any day now.

Bush II is the second president to suffer a 50 point decline in approval ratings, following in his father's footsteps. Kevin Phillips thinks it might be in the gene pool. But he also points out that the signs are ripe for a major realignment and Kerry needs to be bold to attract the "unbase" of the Republican coalition. It's advice I hope the Kerry campaign considers.

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