July 17, 2004

Saturday Reading

Political Wire brings us a quote only a Dubya would make while occupying the office of the presidency. Come to think of it, I have every reason to use the term 'occupying' as ambiguously as possible:

"I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn’t do my job."

-- President Bush, quoted in the Lancaster New Era, during a private meeting with an Amish group.

Daily Kos: Is Allawi a psycho of the same calibre as the previous strongman in Iraq? Is there a congressional upset in the making?

Eschaton: TBogg gives an interview, and it's every bit as funny as his excellent blog. Athenae does a little values quiz for the president, reminding me of Teresa Heinz Kerry's words yesterday: "We have to work today to have leadership in our country that when they talk about values, they value them." Amen.

And speaking of TBogg, he pulled together the 411 on the myth that the Dems rejected an anti-abortion speaker at their 1992 convention because of his stand on that issues. Turns out, he hadn't endorsed the Clinton-Gore ticket.

Pandagon: Why don't Christians hate Red Lobster? A discussion on open carry laws.

The burn it all and let God sort out our resulting atmospheric conundrum crowd has long mocked the let's preserve our biosphere crowd because atmospheric carbon dioxide wasn't going up as fast as the models predicted it should. Well, scientists have found that missing CO2 in the oceans, which have been obligingly absorbing it. As any soda pop chugging American knows, carbon dioxide becomes an acid when absorbed in liquid, and scientists are know in the process of estimating the potential damage that a change in pH could cause to life in the oceans. Say bye-bye fishsticks. Canadian researchers are now looking at artificial carbon sequestration, a service that the planet has been performing for free for the entire history of life on Earth.

Bush has again witheld UNFPA funding, and fortunately the author of this article had the sense to find a quote pointing out that the U.S. State Department has found the charges on which the decision is based (that the fund was paying for forced abortion in China) to be, well, baseless. However that celebrated moderate, Colin Powell, went happily along with the administration line, dismissing his own agency's work and findings.

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The Amish are Anabaptists, and the Anabaptists historically opposed the idea of the establishment of religion. I'm thinking that remark didn't net him much support.

Posted by: Isabeau at July 17, 2004 09:02 PM