July 16, 2004

Nerd Has Most Obscure Crush Ever

Go read the Onion article by that title. But only if you're really a geek, otherwise, you won't enjoy it. Lorraine. Hah!

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Hey - just to interject – I just got this email from another
campaign and thought it worthwhile to put out in the ‘sphere.
If you want, check it out and sign up – we need to turn up the
heat on Bush in all corners.



From: Craig Kirby, Deutsch for Senate
Subject: We Can Save Lives - Tell George W. Bush to Stop
Blocking American Scientists

The passing of Ronald Reagan has refocused the nation on
the importance of stem cell research, and the promise that
it holds for so many Americans. But even as our nation's
top scientists work around the clock in their efforts to
cure Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes, Tay-Sachs, Sickle
Cell Anemia, and Paralysis, their hands are tied by the
short-sighted agenda of George W. Bush, who three years
ago outlawed federal funding for this life-saving research.

Take this opportunity today to tell the president to stop
his obstructionist tactics and allow scientists to do their
critical work. Sign the petition today:


This week U.S. Representative Peter Deutsch (D) of Florida
introduced a bill in Congress that would lift the ban on
federal funding for stem cell research. The bill would
enable researchers to use stem cell lines left over from
the in vitro fertilization process, but only with the
express consent of the donor. At the same time, the bill
also would ensure that the research could have a wide range
of applications through a new focus on diversity of stem cell
lines. Finally, the bill creates an office within the NIH to
be called the "Ronald Reagan Office of Human Stem Cell
Research" to oversee all research on the subject.

The bill has broad support nationwide. Republicans such as
first lady Nancy Reagan and Senator Orrin Hatch - not to
mention research advocates like Christopher Reeves and
Mary Tyler Moore - have urged the president to take a
more compassionate, common-sense stance on this issue.
However, until George W. Bush ends his divisive posturing,
many Republicans will not support the bill. Send him
a message today that curing illness, not scoring
political points, should be a top priority.

Once you've signed the petition, please copy this email
and forward it to your friends and relatives, and ask
them to join you in signing as well.

Craig Kirby
Campaign Manager
Deutsch for U.S. Senate (D)

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