July 16, 2004

In The News

Boston Herald editorial by the Bookmark Diva on convention blogging.

Body and Soul on the toll of war on conscience.

Pandagon with an a Philadelphia Inquirer article quoting them, and Ezra with his take on interpreting quotes in the news.

Atrios: What Powell knew, and when he knew it. A business with heart.

Our patriotic oil companies dealing with African dictators. As will surprise no one, ethically suspect behavior was involved.

New Zealand is mad at Israel over an alleged spying incident.

Liberal Democrats give Labour a thump in UK by-elections held in what were considered safe Labour territory. Britain's more liberal party expects to boost its share of parliamentary seats in the general elections.

Two Qatari boats seized in Iranian waters. Khamenei accuses U.S. of staging and carrying out hostage takings in Iraq.

Saudi Arabia has issues. You're kidding me!

The U.S. press was insufficiently skeptical of the war in Iraq. And I thought I was surprised when I read that Saudi Arabia has deep societal fissures preparing to split wide open at any moment.

Matt Yglesias thinks that Kerry will give good policy. Republicans, who often claim to believe that government shouldn't be considered all-knowing, profess to be alarmed at Kerry's insistence on getting a lot of people's views before making decisions.

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The Liberal democrats are a centrist party.
Labour, depsite Tony Blair and Iraq, is still the party of the working classes.
The only issue where the Lib-Dems are really to left of Blair, is Iraq.
Note, I said Blair and not abour. The majority of the Labour Party members are vehemently against the war.

Posted by: altus at July 17, 2004 08:48 PM