July 14, 2004

Bush's Campaign Against Oregon

Least you think that the Bush administration's war on Oregon was over, I bring to you the latest in the news showing you that they will never give up until everyone submits and obeys their religious beliefs. According to the Bush administration, it is immoral to allow people to choose their own time of death when they are deathly ill (and yes, under the law someone actually has to be so ill that the only diagnosis is that one will be dead within 6 months before one can ask for help under this law). Since it is hard to punish a person who wants to die (who by the time the court case comes up will most likely be dead), the Bush adminstration condemns any physician who might help someone who wishes to die with dignity.

Oregon's Right to Life group cheered the appeal of the JODDoJ.

Groups on both sides of the debate said Ashcroft’s decision to ask the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals — instead of the Supreme Court — was noteworthy.

The department could have skipped the Ninth Circuit and asked for a decision from the Supreme Court.

“I think that by asking for a rehearing (instead of going to the Supreme Court) it keeps the issue a little less on front pages and buys more time because this is a difficult issue for the Bush administration in an election year in Oregon,” said Jeana Frazzini, political director of the Death with Dignity National Center, a group that supports the law.

Groups on the other side said the decision will probably still reach the Supreme Court.

“I am pleased that (Ashcroft) has decided to pursue this case,” said Gayle Atteberry, executive director of Oregon Right to Life. “The case involves — rightly involves — whether a state can usurp a preexisting rule by the federal courts as to how federally controlled drugs can be used.”

Atteberry said she thinks the issue will be appealed — by the loser of this recent appeal — to the Supreme Court.

Okay, I get it.

Death with dignity is bad.

Executions of innocents or juveniles is okay as long as the person had their day in court even if their lawyer was totally incompetent or even if the evidence which might show that the person was not guilty is suppressed. (Too bad, too late.)

And wiping out families in Iraq with a misplaced bomb is understandable, because they probably knew a terrorist.

It is good to understand the the "right to life" is only due the people that the Bush adminstration believes are worthy. And it is clear that the most worthy in their eyes are those that haven't yet been born. No wonder those stem cells are so important.

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