July 11, 2004

Death and Mayhem

Tribal blacks continue to be slaughtered in Sudan as the militias follow fleeing refugees in the camps.

Nepal's civil war continues, with Maoist rebels fighting a government prone to authoritarianism and missteps. Meanwhile, a poor monsoon season threatens the country's many subsistence farmers.

A gunfight between different right-wing paramilitary groups resulted in 20 dead in Colombia.

Eight Russian troops die in Chechnya, five from attacks and three in a mine explosion.

In Afghanistan, an explosion in Herat kills five and wounds 34, while in other separate incidents, four Taliban were killed and four policemen kidnapped.

In Iraq, militia violence and pipeline sabotage continues unabated in Kirkuk.

A bomb in Tel Aviv kills one, wounds 21.

A Pakistani father kills his daughter for picking her own husband.

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