July 06, 2004

Happy Kerry/Edwards Day

I actually thought about staying up late enough last night to find out who the VP pick would be first thing. Thankfully, sense won out over curiousity, but it was the first question on my mind when I got up this morning.

Kerry looks even better to me this morning, after hearing all the arguments for and against the potential veeps. It shows that Kerry had the good political sense to pick someone with tremendous political sense, as well as a geographic advantage. Good sense shouldn't be undervalued, and good political sense is even scarcer than the regular kind.

A friend of mine is keenly looking forward to hearing the vice presidential debate. It'll be Mr. Burns vs. Peter Parker. The crotchety old demon of the industrial cabal facing off against a champion of the people who wonders why we have to accept everything just the way it is. Cheney can't be looking forward to that, but I sure am.

Blogospheric Reaction:

Daily Kos: Tom Schaller points out three reasons why he thinks Edwards was the best choice. Kos is deeply relieved, and finds a pretty glaring incident of McCain praising Edwards. But in a very amusing development, catches the New York Post announcing a Gephardt pick on their front cover.

Mahablog is well content, and gives a short history lesson on the vice presidency.

Pandagon: The anti-Edwards talking points. The gripes from The Corner. And Jesse covers all the various reasons why none of the Democrats are immune to GOP criticism, especially the baseless kind they seem so fond of these days.

Talk Left is ecstatic.

Wampum says Yes!

Posted by natasha at July 6, 2004 06:57 PM | Elections | Technorati links |

i was really pleased to wake up to the news about edwards this morning.

besides the fact he's a good campaigner and acceptable to the unions, having edwards on the ticket could make a big difference to the democrats' fortunes in the south.

Posted by: Magpie at July 6, 2004 08:04 PM

The talking head scuttlebutt is that he probably won't do much in the way of tipping states, but he'll make them closer and probably help downticket Dems. Which of course means that Republicans will have to spend more money in states they thought were safely under their belts.

Posted by: natasha at July 7, 2004 06:53 AM

One of the things the primary showed was Edwards was good at attracting the independent voter. But frankly, I think his biggest advantage is he was most the second choice for many of the Democratic base. Kerry is doing better on the stump and Edwards will just make it more compelling.

I think if Gephardt had been given the nod, much of the excitement would have been sucked out of the democratic activist base, whereas Edwards just revs the energy higher. I know I'm feeling more optimistic than I have been for a long time that we will kick the bastard out of the White House.

Posted by: Mary at July 7, 2004 07:34 AM