July 03, 2004

A Child's ABCs of Terrorism

Steve Perry gives the kids an ABC lesson. Here is just a taste.

L is for liars.

M is for “Mission Accomplished!” and memory hole.

N is for neocon and ‘Nam. Do you remember being very little and having nightmares about monsters lurking in the shadows and hiding under beds? Well, guess what--they were neoconservatives, and they’re so evil they make your grandma and grandpa miss Nixon!

O is for oil and occupation. When a president does something bad, he’s supposed to get impeached. (Impeachment is a time-out that lasts until you die.) Do you want to know something funny? Occupying a country for its oil is not an impeachable offense, but oral sex is. We can’t tell you why--better ask Mom or Dad about that!

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