July 02, 2004

What does it tell us about the U.S.?

That the Cuevas family has been deported?

Delfin and Lily Cuevas choked up during the speeches at their eldest child's graduation ceremony earlier this month at Cal State Hayward. A camera hung around Delfin's neck, at the ready for the special moments that would be savored in later years.

The Fremont couple, dressed in light clothing and sunglasses to block the morning sun, blended in among thousands of well-wishers.

Over two decades, Delfin and Lily had become experts at not calling attention to themselves. They raised three children -- Donna, 24, Dale, 23, and Dominique, 21 -- drove minivans and lived a modest existence in a middle- class East Bay neighborhood. They achieved the American dream, only without the government's blessings.

Members of the Cuevas family lived illegally in the United States for 19 years. Late Wednesday night, their American dream ended when they boarded a 747 for the Philippines, deported by the Department of Homeland Security. The three adult children will live in a country they barely remember.

Too bad for the Cuevas family that someone switched off that lamp that used to be lit beside the golden door.

Via San Francisco Chronicle.

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