June 30, 2004

Ready For War With Iran?

According to this Telegraph article, if the British weren't over in Iraq with us, we would be at war with Iran today:

..."Some Iranian border and observation posts were re-positioned over the border, broadly a kilometre into Iraq," a Ministry of Defence spokesman said.

The incident began last July when Revolutionary Guards pushed about a kilometre into Iraq to the north and east of Basra in an apparent attempt to reoccupy territory which they claimed belonged to Iran.

Lt Gen Ricardo Sanchez then ordered the British to prepare to send in several thousand troops to attack the Revolutionary Guard positions.

The Revolutionary Guard Corps has 125,000 soldiers, making it 25 per cent larger than the entire British Army, and is equipped with 500 tanks, 600 armoured personnel carriers and 360 artillery weapons.

...The Iran-Iraq incident lasted around a week and was resolved by a telephone conversation between Jack Straw, the Foreign Secretary, and Kamal Kharrazi, his Iranian counterpart, British officials said. ...

Over 100,000 enemy troops transgress on a marshy border of a country you are in the middle of fighting to occupy. And your first response would be a) order an attack, or b) give them a call and see what they're up to and if they'll back down. If your answer is b, you may be smarter than burnt toast.

Tony Blair has long maintained that it's important for Britain to be engaged with America. Possibly, he's right on the grounds that our current leadership badly needs an experienced nanny to keep them from running into traffic.

On the other much touted front of dispute, Iran's nuclear program, the IAEA has cleared them of intent to use their reactor sites to develop nuclear weapons. Mohamed ElBaradei is quoted as saying, "Spent nuclear fuel, which could be a concern, will be returned to Russia." Any aggressive stance against Iran is likely to come up against opposition from India, as the countries are set to sign a major gas and oil deal this September.

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Scary stuff!!! Just another reason that these lose cannons have to be turned out in November. The list is very very long now.

Posted by: Ron In Portland at June 30, 2004 11:23 PM