June 29, 2004

Fun With Fox

Bill O'Reilly's conclusion about protestors:

...So, there's no question the anti-American protests are grounded in a very simple point of view. The USA is villainous, and those who oppose us are virtuous. Incredible, but absolutely true.

Brit Hume makes a meal of the New York Times' overblown retraction:

...The New York Times' ombudsman, public editor Daniel Okrent, says his paper's headline a week and a half ago saying "9/11 Panel Finds No Qaeda-Iraq Tie" was a ó "distortion" and a ó "misstep." As we noted at the time, the 9/11 Commission said there were links, though no evidence of any Iraqi involvement in Al Qaeda attacks on this country.

And so, Okrent says, ó "good reporting and careful presentation are ... needed" at the Times. But, Okrent insists, the distortion was not intentional. ...

Neil Cavuto interviews a CEO doing business in Iraq, gratuitous emphasis of boneheaded question mine:

NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: Iíve really been looking forward to this interview. I admire the heck out of this guy. How are top business executives reacting to the surprise transfer of power in Iraq today? Let us ask the guy who has a stake in the action. Heís the chairman and CEO of L-3 Communications (search), Frank Lanza. Mr. Lanza, good to have you.

FRANK LANZA, CHMN. & CEO, L-3 COMMUNICATIONS (LLL): Thank you, Neil. Thanks for having me.

...We still have a thousand people supporting the military. And thatís a lot of people, you know, that are in harmís way, which is always a worry for us, but I think you are going to see a big change now, Neil. You know, Secretary Powell is now going to be in charge whatís going on. We have an ambassador over there, not a secretary of defense now, and this is a political problem, so weíve recognized them as a country. And the whole equation is going to change dramatically, because it is where it belongs, itís a political solution now, it is Iraqi versus Iraqi, itís not Iraqi versus the U.S. any longer.

CAVUTO: But we still have 130 (sic) U.S. guys there. [Ed. - We? Is this the first volley of assertion that no one should worry about Iraq because hardly any Americans are even there anymore?]

LANZA: Yes, but we are taking a back role now. We donít have to worry about. ...Well, it is a big difference when you separate the war and the post-war, to whatís going on now. We have stepped back and said, Iraqi, your country now. Now decide your future. And we will be here to protect you so that you donít get any militia groups that are going to intimidate another group.

Ummm, yeah. Because we do such a good job of protecting them from militia groups already.

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