June 25, 2004

More Thursday Reading

Asia Times: In defense of the Spanish Inquisition. Is America's economy threatened as China takes to capitalism? Chinese editorialists discuss the perils of unipolarity.

Blogging of the President features stories about Nancy Pelosi's inner circle, the finale of the dotconomy, and some presidential indicators.

Digby has some salient comments about a Washington Monthly article discussing the press' refusal to acknowledge that extremism is largely a product of the right. It may not always have been, and it may not always be. But it sure is now.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi gives visitors a chance to grade Bush on education.

At Pandagon, Ezra notes that Uganda is more sensible about fighing AIDS than the Bush administration, and wonders why the Republicans don't support the troops.

Rittenhouse revisits the Moon over Washington incident, wherein elected representatives participated in a coronation ceremony for Rev. Sun Myung Moon, on the occasion of the story having finally made the mainstream press. Also, a collection of notable political happenings.

SouthKnoxBubba lists Bush's accomplishments so far (which include spending 27% of his term on vacation), shares a nifty quote about Michael Moore, and spots some GOP environmental judo.

Courtesy of BuzzFlash: the New York Times reports on a Senate defeat for media ownership deregulation, the group planning to move Christians to South Carolina has their own website and you should see their list of complaints, President Gore says what needs to be said, Dick Cheney has a 'frank exchange of views' with Senator Leahy, Blumenthal says that it's all coming apart for Bush, Jessica Stern talks about how to fight terror, orders for durable goods fall while home sales rise to an all-time high, and we get the news that drug companies spend more on advertising than on research.

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Thanks for the Trackback to my Nancy Pelosi piece on BOPnews. However, I wouldn't characterize the gathering as one of an "inner circle." (The party was a fundraiser -- what political gathering isn't these days? -- and there were about 100 guests.) Santa Barbara is notable for the fact that so many of our electeds are women. Ms. Pelosi naturally has connections to a number of them, as they have all been in politics in California for some time.

Posted by: Ellen Dana Nagler at June 25, 2004 04:47 AM

Hmm. I was sort of thinking inner circle in terms of a circle of friends, because that's what came across to me. But perhaps my choice of words was ambiguous in that respect.

And thanks for writing it, btw.

Posted by: natasha at June 26, 2004 07:22 PM