June 21, 2004

What Susan Said



The nation's Roman Catholic bishops approved a statement on Friday on "Catholics in Political Life" that brands politicians who support abortion rights as "cooperating in evil" and leaves the door open for bishops to deny communion to such lawmakers.

And how would they feel about supporting a party who started a pre-emptive war that killed thousands of civilians - a war the Pope opposed?

Nah, didn't think it would matter.

What I don't understand is why the rightwing Catholic bishops aren't calling for excommunication of those politicians espousing heresies. Or perhaps a return to the good-old-days of the Inquisition for those who fall out of line?

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When the pope was here (Denver) back a few years, he iterated a "culture of life." It was multiplexed and quite specific. I will not be very specific, and make no claims for accuracy ( I'm not Catholic, don't appreciate the idea of a pope, etc.) but here goes :
The Culture of Life
- care for the poor
-care for the elderly
- care for the sick
- no abortion
- no death penalty
- no euthenasia (sp?)
- no suicide
I can't remember about in vitro fertilization, and stem cell research was below his radar.

Can we ask that ALL tenants be treated the same?

on morality : a letter from me printed in my local right-wing paper :
Some praise bush’s moral clarity. Morality seems relative; I happen to think bush’s repeated lying, and his sanctioning of barbarism is extremely immoral. It’s a race to the bottom with bush; as if “not as bad as Saddam” is a measurement. The Geneva Conventions define a minimum decency and bush bounces hard on that barrier. That’s us; scraping the bottom of world leadership!

Bush bragged about killing in his State Speech - he leaned forward and he gloated. He’s the killingest governor ever; mocking one woman’s appeal.

Some praise bush’s resolve. A pit bull has resolve, but questionable policy. Resolve ain’t no good if you ain’t right.

What about supporting our troops? Inviting “bring it on”? Darn, seems they did. Guess they missed “mission accomplished!”

I’d prefer a thinking president. Bush’s lack of thinking is documented. The soft expectations of low bigotry - the emptiness he spews is so meaningless that the corrections don’t even register. Dumbness as a tool - works on some. It’s as if his Magic 8-Ball has only ; “stay the course”, ”tax cut”, and “they hate our freedom.” Defenders say he’s doing the best he can; probably true. We need someone who can do much better.

Posted by: Richard W. Crews at June 22, 2004 03:19 AM

Good letter, Richard. Glad your local rag published it.

Posted by: Mary at June 22, 2004 05:10 AM