June 16, 2004

Web Roundup

Theresa Nielsen Hayden has questions, yea verily, and even more questions. My favorite by far is, "If you put a dollar in a change machine and the machine refuses to take it, do you throw the dollar away?"

Ezra at Pandagon points out that the jobs that are coming back might not translate into a boost for Bush, and also talks about why there's no contradiction in having rich Democrats. I never understood that complaint anyway, we're talking about running a country here, not an ascetic monastery with vows of poverty.

Speaking of election politics, Biden's name keeps coming up for veep. After seeing him thunder away at Ashcroft, I've no doubt he'd shred Cheney in any debate. He's not my favorite Dem, but he's a solid politician who knows how to charm, talk, and not make silly mistakes. Also, he wouldn't alarm any of the party factions who'd like to front their own candidate next time the Democratic presidential nomination is up for contention.

Kos also has commentary on the veepstakes, passing around a rumor that Dean is being considered. I'm a big Dean fan, but matched up with Kerry, that sounds like a bit too odd of a political couple.

Orcinus talks about the trials of being a Bush apologist, especially when trying to defend his record among minority communities.

Avedon Carol finds some good ammunition for discussing civil rights.

Ampersand talks about the particular cruelty of boycotting weddings to express disapproval.

Respectful of Otters doesn't find armchair psychology to be a valid political tool, even when used against Republicans, explaining why in response to psychologist Justin Frank who recently released a book that purported to analyze Bush.

Prometheus 6 notes another obstacle to rebuilding Iraq: the educated are leaving. Hard to set up a civil society when the ablest minds of the next generation are jumping ship.

Henry at Crooked Timber tells about a Clinton appearance for Kerry that he attended.

Trish Wilson talks about the pseudo-research being used to promote joint custody between parents who hate each other, and finds a news release on judicial ignorance of domestic violence that often lands children with abusers.

Mousewords on why conservatism is not rebellious.

TBogg takes down the Dick Morris Clinton slams.

Echidne of the Snakes talks about a panel held in Saudi Arabia on allowing women to drive and participate in government, as well as the growing role of women in the public life of other Arab Gulf nations. One of the speakers at the gathering was Rania Al-Baz, a Saudi news anchor whose husband was recently sentenced for beating her. And again I'd like to point out that yet another conference of Muslim women meeting to discuss their place in society failed to put dress codes at the top of their priority list. There's a message somewhere in that, but I can't think what it might be...

Devra at Talk a Blue Streak discusses the knotty problem of low-income voters who tend to participate less in elections due to understandable, and lamentable, access issues.

BusyBusyBusy draws an interesting conclusion from Bush's statements at a recent press conference in France.

Maxspeak points out that benefits are decreasing, while profits are doing fine. As should be surprising to no one.

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