June 16, 2004

Good News For Kerry

Well, it looks good for our standard bearer so far.

WASHINGTON - John Kerry raised a Democratic record $100 million from March through May, lifting his presidential campaign to more than $140 million so far.

...Kerry will reach his fund-raising cutoff about a month before Bush, who can continue raising primary money until his party's convention in late August.

Mindful that fund-raising time is running out, Kerry is soliciting donations to a legal compliance fund he can use during the general election campaign to cover legal and accounting costs, reserving his roughly $75 million in government financing for ads and other campaign costs from August until November. ...

When it's turkee day tomorrow, think about tossing a contribution towards the Kerry legal fund. If we should end up with another Florida, it would be nice to know that we were prepared for the challenge.

But generally, it must really steam Rove's clams that a Democrat has been able to raise this much. And that's the kind of annoyance I was hoping for this election season. Success is the best revenge.

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