June 15, 2004

Web Roundup

How To Save the World on how to save the world.

Political Wire reports a secret meeting of Republican Senate aides and pressure group leaders. As noted in an earlier post, a top Republican PR firm helped one of the groups mentioned produce "independent" commercials for 40 Republican Congressional races. In returning to the fundamental, and so far deadly accurate, premise that Republicans only accuse their opponents of engaging in behavior that they've already indulged, some consideration should be paid to their allegations that groups like MoveOn were illegally coordinating with the Kerry campaign. Did they make those accusations in order to create a smoke screen that would obscure actions that fall under the definition of illegal coordination?

The Sideshow has a number of excellent posts, so go here and read down. But be especially sure to check out the Gadflyer story she pointed out regarding new information on the Sun Myung Moon coronation. Turns out that a Congressman who 'didn't go' was photographed speaking at the event, standing next to a picture of himself pinning a medal on Muammar Khadafy.

Wampum's MB looks at the 'booming' retail figures.

Lambert at Corrente trots out the egregious violations committed by the Halliburton corporation and its subsidiary, KBR, while operating on our dime.

Matt Gross notes a curious turn of phrase used by Colin Powell when he said that the administration couldn't get away with cooking the books now, presumably because of all the media attention. Thing is, for someone to time qualify an ability to get away with something, it usually suggests they've tried getting away with that behavior previously. Anyone who ever tried to put something past their parents as a child could tell you that.

Yellow Dog Blog with the news that the mayor of Crawford, TX, has endorsed John Kerry. Heh. He got the story from Off the Kuff, who also tells us that a chapter of Mothers Opposing Bush has just formed in Dallas.

Jesse at Pandagon would like to apologize to Arabs everywhere on behalf of an utter twit who can't seem to tell the difference between the terms 'arab' and 'terrorist,' as well as not seeming to understand that the Arab world contains many countries that are as familiar with indoor plumbing as we are. I'd like to second that apology.

Digby reviews bad books for stupid people, further developing the theme of the neocons warped projectionist psychology, and how it played out in the interrogations of the unfortunates at Abu Ghraib.

Margaret Cho recently visited a fleamarket where she found Nazi memorabilia on sale. She makes an interesting case in favor of being able to buy and sell the stuff.

On BOPnews, Stirling Newberry challenges a defeatist meme of the left, and Barry Ritholtz brings us a comic remembrance of Reagan.

At the Talent Show, Greg notes that based on past and present public statements, Ron Reagan Jr. is likely to tell the GOP to back off the Gipper if they get too uppity.

Body and Soul notes that the Florida voter roll scrub isn't over, and points out a bizarre clause in a huge bill that would allow clergy to accidentally endorse a politician up to three times per elections cycle without their church losing tax exempt status.

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Yes -- I compared the thing about allowing churches to violate the law three times per election cycle as the equivalent of Congress selling indulgences.

And I wrote to my congresscritters, too. Cause it's going to be "and next month we move to St. Mary's for the quarter, then on to Calvary Baptist for the third."



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