June 14, 2004

Nethercutt's PR Firm

Atrios informs us that the people responsible for the anti-Michael Moore site that purports to be organizing a grassroots effort to lobby theaters not to run Fahrenheit 9-11 turn out to be the PR firm Russo, Marsh, + Rogers.

On their public corporate resume, they include George Nethercutt's successful bid to defeat Speaker of the House Tom Foley. Several other proud accomplishements are listed, including the election campaign of Contra supporter Violeta Chamorro in Nicaragua. But that's not all:

National Federation of Independent Business
Media Consultants

Producing radio commercials for 40 Congressional candidates across the country, Russo Marsh + Rogers was a leading factor in the 1996 success seen by the National Federation of Independent Business’ Independent Expenditure campaign to elect pro-business Republicans to the United States Congress. Our work included producing and placing the various radio spots in a massive coordinated effort to help the NFIB achieve its goals. From strategy to message, Russo Marsh + Rogers was responsible for one of the largest Independent Expenditure campaigns in the United States. ...

California Republican Party
Proposition 209
Media Consultants

Russo Marsh + Rogers was hired by the California Republican Party to help salvage a sagging campaign to pass Proposition 209, the California Civil Rights Initiative. This initiative was the subject of national debate due to its ending special preferences based on race or gender. In the weeks leading up to Election Day, Proposition 209 was steadily dropping in the polls. We produced an advertising campaign which saved the initiative. The advertising campaign produced and placed by our firm resulted in victory by a margin of 54.6% to 45.4%. ...

Nethercutt is this year running against Senator Patty Murray in Washington State, and it's pretty clear what kind of crowd he likes. Consider helping Senator Murray keep our Senate delegation sane.

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