June 14, 2004

Steps to Transformation

Just got back from my second mycology seminar thrown by the wonderful people at Fungi Perfecti. The last one was about how you could grow mushrooms using laboratory techniques and controlled grow rooms. This one was about how you can grow mushrooms outdoors in quantity with either a small quantity of starter spawn, or the rhizomatous base of various mushroom species.

As Dr. Stamets explained, the techniques seem simple because they represent 20 years of experimental failure followed through until they led to simple conclusions. And they do seem simple, but sitting here now, it's just so mind blowing that I can't hardly communicate the consequences of what I've witnessed over the last two days. For the first time, I have genuine faith that our biosphere could be restored to health within my lifetime, and for a relatively trivial cost.

Will people decide to make it happen? I don't know. But it can be done, I'm now certain.

I'll try to write more about some of it later when I've had some time to think about it, but in the meantime, I met some very interesting folks while I was there. Several of them have websites dedicated to green agriculture and/or architecture, so I thought I'd share them:

Hanging Gardens: An artist with an interest in green architecture developed these modular tiles that can turn vertical surfaces into beautiful habitats for birds and insects.

Rana Creek: This habitat restoration company does environmental consulting and native habitat revitalization. They've done green roof projects for several municipalities, including Seattle.

GrowFood.org: If you're interested in interning, volunteering, or finding work in the organic agriculture or permaculture industry, this is the site for you.

Soil Food Web: Everything you ever wanted to know about composting and soil health. They produce compost tea, which leaches the beneficial microorganisms out of well-made compost, providing crop boosting and protective effects.

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Bush is responsible for the continuation of America's worst ever international social justice policy nightmare the War on Drugs, end them both!

The 3rd Annual Drug War Vigil Film Festival

by press release (10 Sept, 2004)
This year's event will be in a Vancouver theatre

The Drug War Vigil Memorial Group is a social justice think tank that was founded in the fall of 2000, dedicated to ending the War on Drugs.
We recognize that the militarization of this medical issue and the criminalization of the chronically sick, terminally ill and chemically dependent have resulted in the needless loss of human life, and that this is the true crime.

We promoted social justice journalism at the 2002 Cannabis Culture Toker's Bowl Drug War Vigil Film Festival and again at the 2nd Annual Drug War Vigil Film Festival in May 2003, also during the Bowl. With spin-offs when 911 Media (www.911media.org) Washington State's premier Media Arts Center and the BC Compassion Club Society (www.thecompassionclub.org), a non-profit healthcare provider distributing cannabis and other holistic medicines, presented a DRUG WAR FILM FESTIVAL March 12 th in Seattle Wa. in addition to an earlier show here in East Vancouver.

This Year we using a theater Venue and staging it as separate event from the Toker's Bowl so broader spectrum of participants will be able to view.
Our group is honored to be affiliated with this event and thank Marc Emery and Chris Bennett, and crew of Pot-TV for their extraordinary activism in action in sponsoring this event.
Contest Details:

Send us your films of 30 minutes or less on any topic related to cannabis, drugs and the drug war, and/or Harm Reduction.
Only submit in plain old VHS tape or Hi-8 or digital-8.
The films will be screened and judged by participants at the Drug War Vigil Film Festival Sept 24-25th as well as viewers of WWW.Pot-TV.Net
The film chosen for first place will receive
A Grand Prize of $2000 US.. 2nd place $1000.00 3rd place $500.00
New Special 500.00 Prize for best short, a short being 5 minutes or less.
You must register your film for entry by to be eligible.

Registration is FREE and only requires you email us at dwvfilmproject@hotmail.com with your intention A.S.A.P. and projected length of your work.

We will need to receive the finished film by September 10th 2004

Watch the web page for further details relating to with confirmed dates and actually attending the event: cost, entertainment etc.

It is our hope to inspire independent and amateur film makers to produce inspirational works.

e-mail us at dwvfilmproject@hotmail.com or film@cannabisculture.com

visit our webpage at www.cannabisculture.com/articles/3400.html

Send your entry in to:
Drug War Vigil
4301 Fleming Street
Vancouver BC
Canada V5N 3W4

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What's the state of the art on morel mushroom culture? Long time back I knew someone who used to fiddle with growing 'em (with total lack of success).

Posted by: RonK, Seattle at June 15, 2004 06:42 PM

RonK - If you want to culture morels, go to the Fungi Perfecti site and get one of their culture kits.


Posted by: natasha at June 15, 2004 09:22 PM