June 11, 2004

Hopping Around the Web

Matthew Yglesias explains why Saddam should still be in power.

Body and Soul remembers Reagan and Ray Charles, and flays Dinesh D'Souza for whitewashing the coddling of dictators.

Pandagon recently posted the definitive chart on who's a good Catholic in the ranks of our politicians.

Over at Wampum, Mary Beth has unfortunately lost the primary, though she hasn't given up. I expect we'll be hearing more from her on that score, but in the meantime, she's brought back Flashback Fridays. Dwight Meredith ranks the Reagan economy.

Brad DeLong posts a reader email describing a recent Seymour Hersh lecture. Apparently, the worst of the stuff about Abu Ghraib hasn't yet begun to come out. Prepare to be deeply embarassed about the behavior of this government.

Suburban Guerrilla finds Neal Pollack being serious, and crazy Ollie North questioning the sanity of others from a precarious perch.

Avedon Carol with another Reagan retrospective roundup, and a selection of excellent political points wherein we get to hear what Ronald Reagan Jr. thinks of Dick Cheney in relation to Genghis Khan.

Atrios pointed out a Gadflyer article about the coronation of Sun Myung Moon held in a Senate office building, with Congressmen and a Senator in attendance. One even participated in the coronation ceremony. Hello! Anybody creeped out yet in medialand? What I want to know is what kind of weird arse stuff goes on in front of these people that watching a congressman crown a felonious cult leader doesn't raise some eyebrows.

Atrios also reminds us of why the excesses of the Reagan era got by the press, even though they knew they were being played. Wankers.

The Mahablog brings us stuff they don't want you to notice.

At Beautiful Horizons, Randy Paul celebrates an anniversary, points to more evidence of the futility of coca eradication, and talks about Reagan's human rights record.

See The Forest on how Clinton fought terrorism, and the audacity of excluding former presidents from a state funeral.

Microsoft and Siemens say that a decline in UK education threatens their economic growth. Say that again louder, so Bush can hear you. Maybe that's why Microsoft and HP are aggressively expanding in India, with Microsoft's first fully owned (not leased) campus facility scheduled for completion next year. And, btw, it's going to be an R&D facility, not a call center.

In other Indian news, a vibrant Indian blogging community is cropping up. The revolution will be downloaded.

Finally, reaction to the Iraq war is blamed for Labour's kicking in the polls.

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