June 07, 2004

Rainbow Ends Weekend in Style

The most beautiful rainbow graced the skies over Lake Sammamish, Washington today shortly before sunset. Looking east towards the Cascades from Bellevue, one could see a rain cloud drifting slowly over the lake. Then a single shaft of multicolor light rose out of the lake and grew brighter. It quickly described an arc in the evening sky. Then as neighbors gazed and pointed from their decks, the other end of rainbow appeared faintly to the north. Every moment getting brighter and brighter, an intense double rainbow stretched out fully across the sky, blazing in a thousand colors, lighting up the Eastside hills. The center of the semicircle was noticably brighter than the outside and it remained in all its splendid glory for several minutes. Finally, it started to rain, the rainbow faded and left us with a profound sense of awe. A very satisfying end to a wonderful weekend. Thank you Mother Nature for that audacious display.

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