June 04, 2004

Heartwarming Novak OpEd

Robert Novak is about as unexpected a source of warm, fuzzy feelings about the November election as anyone I could think of. But I'll take what I can get:

After a Memorial Day spent campaigning in his district, a Republican House member turned on the television Monday night to encounter a positive advertisement by George W. Bush's re-election campaign. To the congressman's dismay, it praised the president's education bill. That was probably the second least favorite ad possible, in the opinion of this lawmaker.

The worst possible advertisement for conservative congressmen would have been one praising President Bush's prescription drug bill. Their constituents are unhappy about both the school and prescription drug programs. So, to get Republican voters out of their living rooms and into the polling booth Election Day, they want the Bush campaign to stop talking about these unpopular proposals.

...The unhappy meeting with Bush preceded what congressmen faced meeting unhappy constituents during their recess. The voters of the conservative base have no use for ''no child left behind,'' but what acutely torments these voters is the prescription drug bill. Republicans fear the plan will take away benefits they have now and replace them with something they don't want.

...Actually, Bush's defeat more likely would trigger an enormous internal explosion inside the Republican Party between forces temporarily held together in an effort to elect a president. Nor are Republicans still confident that in the wake of Bush's defeat, they would hold the Senate or even the House. ...

Oh, say it's so. I'm really getting used to the idea of a President Kerry, though I don't envy in the slightest the job of cleaning up after all these ill-conceived proposals that seem to have made absolutely no one (who wasn't already a millionaire) happy.

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Remember how good it got, when we threw his daddy out?

Posted by: Richard W. Crews at June 4, 2004 10:03 AM

It did get very good, but only after a roughish bit at the beginning, cleaning up the mess.

But Bush II will leave the Aegean Stables of a mess for Kerry. The effort required will be Herculean. I hope he has a good Project Manager to take charge of this, someone with a PMP. Seriously, that would be a huge help. A PMI-certified PM. Fixing this mess will require a great deal of organization.

Posted by: WallyCoxLives at June 4, 2004 05:22 PM