June 04, 2004

Around the Web

Daily Kos posts a message from Tony Knowles, a Democrat running to be the next Senator from the great state of Alaska. I like the sound of this one. (Not that there's anything wrong with the others, mind, this one just grabbed me a little more.)

BOPnews put up a comparison of per capita healthcare spending among western nations. Short version: we spend more than everybody else, and we don't get as much for our money.

The Decembrist has been busy, writing about a liberal sense of history, speaking at a conference, and writing a chapter in a recently published book. He's got links, check it out.

Ampersand had a really good blog roundup just the other day. Subjects include white privilege, feminism, abortion, and abstinence pledges.

Salon publishes an article on a California couple who went all out for solar power, also, Sidney Blumenthal at it again.

Atrios comments on a Digby post regarding the shallow, bitchy elite that runs the media. Reminds me of Jon Stewart's comment that in his opinion, the overwhelming media bias was towards crap.

Orcinus on clinic harassment in Montana.

Body and Soul shares her American Dream.

Nathan Newman reviews the Aljazeera documentary and recommends it highly.

Confined Space on labor and environmental alliances, and a conference about integrity in science which is being held by people who have the funny notion that scientific debate should be about, for some reason, objective data.

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