June 03, 2004

Bill Maher on Larry King

As the title suggests, Bill Maher was the guest for a full hour on Wednesday's Larry King Live show. Here's the transcript, and a few excerpts:

MAHER: And you know, we should not tar everybody. I mean, obviously, most guys over there I don't know would have done this. There are people who resisted, even when they were given direct orders. But nevertheless, it's still America. And you know, when I hear President Bush say, This is not us -- well, you know, I had a saying I had in my last special -- I like to say it often -- You are what you do.

...But I was going to say, you know, sometimes I watch the news and I see these brave people [soldiers serving in Iraq]. And then I watch regular television, especially reality television, and you see people who are -- American citizens who are not asked to sacrifice, obviously, because they're selfish and peevish and shallow and greedy. And every show -- every reality show is based on cruelty -- You're fired. You're not good enough. You can't sing. Get off the island. You're not hot enough. And I ask myself, why is this first group of Americans defending the second group of Americans? I really ask that question.

...Well, first of all, when you look at those issues in detail, they're not really flip-flops. I mean, that famous thing he said, I voted for it before I voted against it -- yes, because they changed the bill. He voted for it, and then they changed it, and then he voted against it, or vice versa. Plus, flip-flopping -- who's a bigger flip-flopper than George Bush? This little thug in Iraq, Sadr, with the army that we just handed over power to in his cities, for the longest time, it was, We got to kill Sadr. We got to -- we got to imprison him. What I meant to say is we're going to work with him. That's not a flip-flop?

...You know, this is a perfect storm of a mess in Iraq because we have a president who proudly says he doesn't read the paper, never traveled oversees, never really cared to learn about overseas, and never served oversees, so he doesn't understand what it's like overseas. And that's why he has this two-dimensional view of what goes on over there. He gets frustrated with us because we don't understand -- Saddam Hussein, 9/11, they hate us for our freedom. What don't you marshmallow-heads get about that? That's his whole world view. John Kerry has been to war. He's like a guy who's a vegetarian now because he's been to the slaughterhouse. I think he would have kept us out of war. ...

Hopefully, DNC and Kerry staffers were taking notes.

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