May 05, 2004

Bush Meets Al Arabiya TV

Condensed Bush: You have to know, must know, this isn't us. Certainly, it isn't the us that I know. Also, we're still better than Saddam, which I don't understand having to still explain to you people.

The thing that really bugged me about this vacuous message regurgitation session, aside from the lack of anything that could be construed as an apology, was this bit:

...In our country, when there's an allegation of abuse -- more than an allegation in this case, actual abuse, we saw the pictures -- there will be a full investigation and justice will be delivered. We have a presumption of innocent until you're guilty in our system, but the system will be transparent, it will be open and people will see the results. ...

Still waiting for several 'full investigations' to be made transparent and open here at home, thanks.

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The road to Abu Ghraib winds through Mi Lai, on to the School of the Americas, passes through Guantanamo and directly on to the oil-slippery slopes of Baghdad. Besides the Panoramic photos of a nightmare, there is the footage of of all those pre dawn raids and a montage of the frightened faces of the elderly, women and children insurgents before the descending hoods bring darkness. Further along the path, no questions or comments by the parroting media, no charges, no proceedings, not even confirmation of captivity. The road to Abu Ghraib features the collective punishment of villages wrapped in razor wire with signs that warn residents not to get to close to the protective wire, lest they be shot dead. The road to Abu Ghraib includes the detentions of family members in order to ensure the cooperation of local sheiks. The road has way too many civilians killed at checkpoints, to many cluster bombs, and maybe even the sniping of children and ambulances. 10 to 20 thousand civilians killed. And, to think, it all started as a journey to do some good.

Posted by: 1MaNLaN at May 5, 2004 09:17 PM