May 02, 2004

Out and About Around Blogtopia

How to take the horrible pictures of torture and sadism in Abu Ghraib? One very thoughtful post by Blue Junkie reminds us that this is hardly surprising. The Stanford Prison experiment in the 70s showed that perfectly decent people could become sadistic guards when the rules of the game asked them to lord over and humiliate their prisoners. (via a comment to this corrente post, which is also an excellent read.)

Riverbend expresses her anger and disgust on this story.

Susan finds a chilling article about the coming draft. The pentagon is talking about extending the draft age up to 35, including women and requesting registrants to include specialized expertise (like computer skills or linguistics) to help identify the right draftees. Should go over big if Bush wins again.

TalkLeft reports on a bill sponsored by Diane Feinstein and Orrin Hatch designed to increase penalties (including additional death penalty charges) for juvenile gang members. Considering how good the California juvenile authority has been lately, I wonder why Feinstein thinks things aren't tough enough on juveniles.

Drought Grips the West. (via Just a Bump in the Beltway)
Perhaps the Western Sunbelt population boom will start to slow down?

Kash of Angry Bear finds out that the Senate Republicans have decided that gas prices are too high because of the Clean Air regulations. Kash says he has another theory - perhaps the reason the gas prices are so high now is because crude is so high. Gee, that would make too much sense and certainly doesn't allow the Senators to do their part in destroying more of our environmental laws.

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