April 27, 2004

Say something often enough ...

... and maybe it will become true.

This seems to be the attitude of the US Missile Defense Agency, as Air Force Lt. Gen. Ron Kadish says that the US will have a working missle defense system in position this coming September. Of course, even Kadish admits that the system could fail two important tests between now and then (much as it has failed most of its tests in the past, we'd add), an admission that certainly undercuts his optimistic prediction.

Dubya's administration has continued to stumble ahead with its anti-missile defense system despite evidence that it's unworkable and unnecessary. Just a few weeks ago, 49 former military brass urged Dubya not to deploy the missle shield.

Via CNN.

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He will demand it because he can then brag about it on Fox News, which specializes in seriously misleading data.

I mean, peoople will think that it *works*.

They will assume that danger from missles is a Thing of the Past!

And then they will be shocked when a boat blows up.


Posted by: Scorpio at April 28, 2004 08:24 PM