April 27, 2004

And we thought the U.S. had the most homophobic leader.

Aussie Prime Minister John Howard made a strong bid to grab the lead from Dubya when he said that overhauling Australia's Marriage Act to ban same-sex marriages isn't targeting lesbians and gay men. The case seems for targetting seems pretty clear to us, but then we're just a lezzie yank magpie.

"The proposal would be to simply insert a definition in the Marriage Act which gives formal expression to what most people regard to be the case - and that is marriage, as we understand it in Australia, is between a man and woman," Mr Howard said.

"This is not directed at gay people. It's directed at reaffirming a bedrock understanding of our society."

So if a 'bedrock understanding' of Aussie society is bigoted and homophobic, the PM isn't being bigoted and homophobic if he endorses that understanding?

Our brain hurts.

Via Sydney Morning Herald.

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