April 27, 2004

They should leave Kerry's mike on more often.

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry was interviewed on ABC television's Good Morning, America today, where he was questioned about whether he really threw away his medals at a Vietnam War protest in the early 1970s. That so-called controversy was started by close Dubya advisor Karen Hughes, who accused Kerry of only pretending to toss his medals.

At the end of the interview, as he unclipped his microphone, Kerry, apparently not realizing the camera was still on, turned to someone and muttered, "God, they're doing the work of the Republican National Committee."

Which they were.

The hyprocrisy of the Republican attempt to tarnish Kerry's war record is stunning, even if you ignore all the questions that still remain about Dubya's service in the National Guard (or lack thereof). Many of the same people who are accusing Kerry of dishonestly claiming he threw away his medals would have been accusing Kerry of treason and telling him to move to Hanoi if they'd been around at the actual event in 1971.

Via CNN.

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