April 26, 2004

Send Susan to the conventions.

Susan at Suburban Guerilla shares the news that she's applying for press credentials for the Democratic and Republican conventions:

I can promise you a radically different convention-blogging experience. For one thing, I ask very interesting, impertinent questions of important people (imagine a high-IQ Stuttering John) and for some reason, they usually answer me. (If I were them, I wouldn't. But then, I'm not in show business and I don't have to.)

For another thing, I'm an indigenous working-class intellectual. (Think James Carville, only female and much, much cuter.) I have a very low tolerance for bullshit, although I'm extremely polite and well-behaved while I eviscerate my subjects.

Plus, I'm not trying to schmooze my way into a high-level job. So I don't have to suck up to anyone.

We'd be hard-pressed to think of anyone we'd rather have at the conventions, asking those questions that aren't supposed to be asked. We urge you to head over to Suburban Guerrilla, hit Susan's PayPal button, and make a donation.

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