April 21, 2004

Your (US) tax dollars at work?

Over at MetaFilter, specialk420 suggests that there's more than a passing resemblance between the website for the Brookings Institution and the latest version of the website for the Coalition Provisional Authority.

After looking at the code for each site, we wouldn't want to say that the designer of the CPA's site just lifted Brookings' code whole-hog, but it's pretty obvious where the overall design of the CPA site came from. Obviously, the CPA hires on the best thieves web designers.

What we found even more interesting, though, were the search terms listed in the <meta> element [emphasis and spacing added]:

<meta name=" keywords" content="Coalition, Saddam, Hussein, War, Iraq, Oil, army, health, Gulf War, military, humanitarian, operations, Medical, assistance, mass, destruction, Military, medical, news, Bremer, forces, RPGs, national, guard, defense, DoD, security, war, contracts, contracting, civilian, KBR, Bechtel, Halliburton, electricity, baghdad, Iraqi, Iraqis, Sunni, Shiite, kurds,, defense, bombing, missile,weapon, weapons, WMD">

Interesting, eh?

More: Josh Marshall points to the smoking gun:

The presence of this line ("submenu name="Brookings Review" id="brs" url="/press/review/rev_des.htm") buried in the code of both websites seems to give a pretty good sign of who did the deed.

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