April 21, 2004

The US-hired mercenaries in Iraq.

Take a look at who one of them is was.

We found this information through Kathryn Cramer, whose blog has been doing a spectacular job of digging up the facts about the US-hired mercenaries that are doing security work in Iraq. In a post about how the security firm Erinsys may essentially be Ahmed Chalabi's private army, she has this disturbing paragraph:

As I understand it, Erinsys's 14,000 Iraqis are not counted in the 20,000 figure for privately employed security contractors now widely cited. So if I understand correctly, IN ADDITION TO the 20,000 "civilian contractors" running around Iraq with guns, there are another 14,000 Iraqis at Chalabi's disposal, paid for by U.S. taxpayers. (Yes, they're guarding the oil, but for whom are they guarding it?)

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