April 20, 2004

The incredible shrinking 'Coalition of the Willing.'

Only a short while after posting about Honduras pulling its troops out of Iraq, we find that Poland will be doing the same. A senior goverment advisor has told the Irish Times that Poland will withdraw its most or all of its troops from Iraq over the next several months.

A senior adviser to the Polish government confirmed to The Irish Times that Warsaw's decision had been influenced by the Spanish move. "Given the circumstances [in Iraq], we will probably diminish significantly the forces at the end of 2004," said Prof Tadeusz Iwinski, secretary of state for international affairs in the office of the prime minister.

Questioned further by The Irish Times, he said: "It is much easier to send troops in than to withdraw them, but we will probably do it at the end of 2004 or the start of 2005."

Via Susan at Suburban Guerrilla.

Posted by Magpie at April 20, 2004 06:11 AM | Iraq | Technorati links |

Anyone else think that this is a GOOD thing? The occupation is looking worse by the day. Bush and Blair's historicaly will be judged by their actions in Iraq, and the rest of the world is slowly deserting them.

The US defeat in Vietnam prevented them buggering about militarily in other people's countries for many, many years.... let's hope the same happens this time around.

Posted by: ResoluteCynic at April 21, 2004 12:22 AM