April 19, 2004

Smiling Makes His Face Ache

Of all the people I could think to compare President Bush to, somehow Dr. Frank N. Furter never sprang to mind. Until now, emphasis mine:

..."My jaw muscle got so tight. And it was not just because I was smiling and shaking so many hands. There was a lot of tension during that last holiday season."

...Sitting on the edge of the table in Cheney's office, Myers took out a large map labeled TOP SECRET NOFORN. The NOFORN meant NO FOREIGN -- classified material not to be seen by any foreign nation.

...Staring intently at the 2-by-3-foot Top Secret map, [Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador], a former fighter pilot, asked a few questions about air operations. Could he have a copy of the large map so he could brief Crown Prince Abdullah? he asked, referring to the de facto leader of Saudi Arabia.

...Since the president had told Rumsfeld about his decision to go to war, he had better tell Powell, and fast. Powell was close to Prince Bandar, who now was informed of the decision. ...

From the top:

Frank: It's not easy having a good time... even smiling makes my face ache... and my children turn on me...Rocky's behaving just the way that Eddie did. Do you think I made a mistake, splitting his brain between the two of them? ...

All: We're a wild and an untamed thing.
We're bees with a deadly sting.
You get a hit and your mind goes ping.
Your heart'll thump and your blood will sing.
So let the party and the sounds rock on.
We're gonna shake it 'till the life has gone, gone, gone.
Rose tint my world, keep me safe from my trouble and pain.

If I had a dollar for every time I've read something about this administration that I just can't believe I'm reading in the mainstream news, I'd take a holiday somewhere that doesn't get the news.

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