April 18, 2004

NRA trashes Kerry.

The largest gun lobby in the US has fired both barrels at Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry. According to leaders of the National Rifle Association, Kerry is soft on terrorism and hostile to the rights of US gunowners.

At the same time, leaders of the association used their annual convention, which is being held here, to praise President Bush, calling him "a shooter and a hunter" who was sympathetic to the concerns of gun owners. [...]

Amid repeated references to patriotism and military service, the group's leaders asserted that Mr. Kerry, a decorated Vietnam veteran, did not understand the importance of waging war against terrorists in Iraq and elsewhere.

"I thank God they serve under a commander in chief who has vowed he will never beg for a permission slip from anybody to defend America," Sandra S. Froman, the group's first vice president, said, referring to American troops. "I'd rather fight the battle in the streets of Baghdad than in the streets of Pittsburgh." blockquote>

We guess this kills any speculation that the National Rifle Association might not back Dubya in November. The LA Times recently reported on how the Patriot Act and other 'homeland security' measures have been eroding Dubya's support among activist gun owners. If the NRA is feeling any pressure from members to distance the organization from the prez, however, the group's leadership is certainly not paying any attention to that pressure.

Via NY Times.

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