April 17, 2004

Too Clever By Half

From the side of the partisan divide that cheered the deaths of Rachel Corrie and the UN envoy to Baghdad, tolerates discussion on the merits of exterminating liberals, and slammed a native of El Salvador for making an intemperate remark about mercenaries, there's this little gem. The comment is in response to a Talk Left post about Iraqi deaths in Fallujah:

...I have known for decades that the left needs dead civilians and will not hesitate to make them up. Or to accept a report like this with glad cries.

Or to facilitate the actual killing of the necessary civilians.

Posted by: Richard Aubrey

Does the author realize that, if measured by his own premise, this makes the neocons and their associated imperialist accomplices objectively pro-left? They seem so willing to supply the 'necessary' dead civilians.

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what's a neocon?

Posted by: pril at April 17, 2004 09:00 AM